December 27th, 2007

hummingbird - distant

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Ken and I went to the Wild Animal Park today. I have A Lot of pictures to process (from the entire week), and no idea when/if I'll get around to it, but I wanted to post one of the more curious things we ran across: a finch drinking from a hummingbird feeder, hummingbird-style. I am a rather indifferent birder, so I really can't tell if it's a house finch or a purple finch (votes are welcome). And, who knows, maybe they do this all the time. But it was pretty amusing to watch it perch next to the feeder, gather its strength, fly over for a quick, clumsy half-hover, and return to the branch (obviously successful, since a bubble of air rose in the feeder each time). It bumped a real hummingbird away once, but there was another feeder nearby, so the hummingbird just went there instead.

Sorry about the quality; I'm one of few people on the planet who didn't get a DSLR for Christmas, and I bumped up the ISO a bit trying to get faster shutter speeds. (I saw a lot of DSLR users at the Park, but y'know? My camera fits in my pocket, and I don't think I'd have enjoyed lugging a bowling ball around for eight hours. One does make compromises.)

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