October 9th, 2008

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I know a lot of people who could use some cute right now.

How about this?

He was significantly less poofy last time I photographed him.

Yes, that's the same hamster.

This little guy ran five and a half miles on his wheel last night. He's five ounces of muscle, y'all. And fur. But mostly muscle. (And fur.)

Some time ago, I thought I had a name for him, but then I ran across a name online (it was just a livejournaler saying "My friend, [name], did something funny today...") and I thought, "Yes! That's the hamster's name! It's perfect!" Then I had to go to work or something, and I FORGOT WHAT THE NAME WAS.

So he's sort of been in name limbo ever since. I mostly call him Fuzzball, but that is not his real name. I'm just not sure what is.
rat on computer - 2

A Picture A Day(ish): playing catch-up

I took this yesterday, just didn't get around to uploading it. An actual ocean view from the campus cafeteria called Oceanview. This is a rarity.

Today's picture is another "I don't know what to photograph" standby: gazania. There were very few blooming, actually; it's the wrong time of year. I think I photographed every flower out there.

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