January 6th, 2010

Doctor Who - Doctor/Donna/Doctor

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Day 03: Your Favourite Television Program


So, I'll get this out of the way first: I've been watching Doctor Who since I was eight or so. I enjoy it very much, even when I kind of hate it (which, as a Doctor Who fan, I am obliged to do regularly). If I watched nothing else on television (which is kind of my default state), I would watch this.

Other shows I like(d) quite a bit:
  • Slings and Arrows. The first season, especially, was wonderful. Six episodes of concentrated awesome. Even Ken, who does not particularly care for Shakespeare, enjoyed it.

  • Despite a great deal of early resistance, I was won over to Firefly in the end. I'm kind of glad it only lasted for thirteen episodes, though -- they were thirteen excellent episodes (okay, maybe eleven or twelve excellent episodes, but I'll give it to them anyway). I did not, alas, care for the eventual movie.

  • Farscape, mostly for seasons two and three: it's cracktastic fun, and I love the characters. You can't hold too tightly to logic when watching it, though -- I was at one point keeping track of how often each of the main characters had been killed. "That was one fucked-up Farscape" became a term of praise around our house.

    The first season got off to a rough start and the fourth went kind of off the rails even for Farscape, though. And I (again) did not care for the followup movie. Memo to people whose favorite shows have been cancelled: do not lobby for a movie. It will suck, and they will inevitably kill someone off.

  • It's lightweight, but I really love Burn Notice. It sets out to do something simple and fun, and it succeeds.

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