January 27th, 2012

DW - Eleven - library card

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I've been trying to locate a copy of Where's the Doctor for a while, to no avail. Bookdepository keeps running out of stock thirty seconds after it comes in, and I don't trust/believe the few Amazon sellers who've come up.

The used price keeps bouncing up to $7777.00, which I assume is someone's competitive pricing algorithm gone wild. (And that's from the same seller who supposedly had copies for $28.13. I did not believe them.)


Also, the second search result was rather amusing.

leafstains - dark

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This challenge to send a letter (or some other form of mail) every day for the month of February sounds kind of appealing. I don't think I could actually do it, but I wish I could.

I used to have pen pals, back in the pre-internet days. It was always so exciting to get letters in the mail. I had a years-long correspondence with a guy in England, twenty-page letters every month or two that started out about music but turned into chronicles of the rest of our (very different) lives. (That sounds like the plot of a syrupy romantic movie, I know, but it wasn't like that. We just both liked writing.) We fell out of touch when I was in college, when I started talking to people on the internet. My attention span got progressively shorter, I guess, and writing a substantial letter takes considerable time and effort.

I've been neglecting LJ lately, so maybe it's best to start small. I'll try to write more here in the coming month. I won't say daily, necessarily, but I'll try to be a bit more present. Let's see how that goes.