el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

It has rained, I think, all but one or two days since Christmas. This is unusual for San Diego. So far this "season" (which, for no reason I can explain, begins in July -- it never rains here in July) we've had more than 12 inches of rain. The normal amount by this date is about 3.5 inches. Trees are falling, mud is sliding, rocks are... sliding too, some roads are closed and flooded or in some cases collapsing. Our power was out for an hour last night. My hair is a curly mess and I don't care anymore. "Had enough of the wet weather?" asks a local TV station's web poll. The results are 59% to 41%: "no."

All I can think is that the heretofore-unrecognized rain lobby has mobilized to skew the results. Yes, we're still technically in a drought, but I think we've had all the rain that could possibly be helpful right now.

An interesting side-note on last night's power outage: guess what? My UPS actually keeps my computer on when the power goes out. I kinda forgot it would do that. I got it mostly because I think my cheap-ass surge protector wouldn't actually protect my computer from a power surge, and because it supposedly does 'line conditioning.' Our power is pretty wacky; I can pop the ground fault interrupter in my bathroom by flipping any of half the light switches in the apartment, and my last computer died in strange circumstances. Maybe it's all voodoo, but I thought the UPS wouldn't hurt. (And god, no, I didn't pay $200 for it. I found a good sale.) I hadn't actually installed any of the software that would cause it to automatically turn my computer off in case of a power failure, so I shut down manually (I was half-awake when the power went out, and the cessation of air-filter noise was enough to wake me the rest of the way). Unfortunately, the UPS feels the need to tell me it's on battery power by emitting an earsplitting beep every 30 seconds. It's also on the floor, underneath my printer stand, in the tiny space between my desk and the wall. I crawled under my desk (naked at 2am with a flashlight, mind you) and unplugged everything; it didn't care. I unplugged it, too, and dragged it out (it really does weigh 15 pounds). It continued beeping in my arms until I finally figured out which was the off button (you laugh, but it's subtle!). Then I got out my background noise doohickey, found batteries for it (because I can't sleep without white noise), turned it on, set the battery-operated alarm clock, and just as I was dozing the power came back on. Would the world end if I got an uninterrupted night's sleep? Apparently somebody doesn't want to find out.

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