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I'm out of regular shampoo, I belatedly remembered as I stepped into the shower this morning. Ken was already in the other bathroom, so I couldn't run in and get some of his; I ended up using the Head & Shoulders that sits around in the dressing room since it was the only thing available. I could probably benefit from whatever's in it anyway. I'm used to using shampoo/conditioner combinations, though, and haven't got any stand-alone conditioner, so my hair has the consistency of straw today. And that Head & Shoulders smell clings. It's not terribly noxious, but it's a lot more noticeable than I'd like.

I've developed a Pert fetish over the past year or two, and I've always liked the smell of green soaps (Irish spring, Zest, green Dial, etc). Now that I live with somebody who uses both, aside from occasionally wanting to sit around sniffing him I've developed certain associations with that combination of scents. I like them. I don't usually notice them on myself though I use the same soap and shampoo (but it's occasionally, um, distracting, when I do catch a whiff and it goes straight to my hindbrain) but today I keep noticing that something smells strange.

I need a haircut. For the past few months I've been semi-intentionally letting my hair get longer, but now my bangs are down to the tip of my nose and I feel like a Shetland pony. I need bangs, so I'm not really trying to grow them out. They just need trimming badly now. I haven't been to a hairdresser in this city yet and I've no idea where to look, so they'll probably keep growing until I can't stand it anymore. I really liked short hair, all the razor-sharp layers, how it was all but impossible to muss, the way the back of my neck felt after a cut, but a bunch of ugly pictures of me convinced me that maybe I should try it longer for a while.

Writing that last sentence made me want to get a haircut. Grr. I have no idea if it even looks better now. It curls, which is sometimes amusing, and I occasionally fantasize about once again having a tumult of golden storybook hair like I did as a child, but in reality my hair tends toward messiness unless it's very short and it's a darker shade of blonde than I expect in normal light. Almost a mousy brown in some pictures. I'd like to grow enough hair for a ponytail, just because it's been so long since I have, but I keep remembering how much fun it was to dry my short hair...

It's already too late to recover my old cut, obscured beyond recall after months and months of growth. If I asked someone to chop it all off now, what would I end up with? I don't know how to tell stylists what I want, how to describe what it used to be like. Given inertia (I'm supposed to find a hairdresser, make an appointment, and go on my one free day a week. Sure. Maybe in December?) and the impossibility of going back to what I had before, I suppose it'll just keep growing. I'm ambivalent, but I don't have any better ideas.

Perhaps hypocritically or maybe just vicariously, I love Ken's long hair. It's thick and curly and halfway to the middle of his back, and though it tangles around my fingers so I can't actually run them through it I'm still fond of stroking it, and nuzzling it (mmm, Pert) and feeling it brush my back when he's, ummm, snuggled up against my back. I wouldn't mind if he got it cut to shoulder length, and I suspect it might be less trouble if it were a little shorter, but the idea of it being short ('normal' length) makes me anxious.

When I first met him, he had rather short hair and my only impression of it was that I felt rather sorry for him, having to have messy hair like mine. It's even curlier than mine, if not as lightweight, so it's equally hard to control when it's too short be tied. When it started getting shaggy, I silently hoped he wouldn't listen to the people who kept telling him he needed a haircut. At one length, it's gorgeous. I like the way it looks pulled back in a ponytail, so I suppose if he got it cut very very short it'd have the same effect from the front, but (a) he doesn't want it that short and (b) it's a waste of all that thick, curly, glorious, virile, manly hair. Medium-short hair is the worst of both worlds, since it refuses to do anything but be kind of messy while failing to show off its good qualities.

And now he's got this goatee. I've really never liked facial hair, and he didn't really start out intending to grow any, but he had this 10-year-old electric razor that never shaved closer than rough stubble. Rough, abrasive, sandpapery stubble. It really felt nicer a few days after he shaved, and he'd let it go nearly a week at times. Then for some reason we were both amused by the lengthening hair, he let it go even longer, and finally he just started shaving the sides and leaving a goatee. Ironically, I got him a nice new electric razor for his birthday. But hey, it helps him define the goatee better. To my surprise, I really like it, so much so that I'm hoping he wants to keep it long-term. It's nice and soft and feels interesting when kissed, and it looks great. I can only hope that hordes of lustful women don't notice what a stud he's become.

Now if only he'd tell me what to do with my hair... :)

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