el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Why am I awake? you ask. I ask much the same question. After my last entry, I was going to go to bed, but Stella conned me into cleaning her cage, and then there was a journal to read, and I finally went to lie down while Ken was watching TV. Half an hour later, dozing off, I started very suddenly to feel queasy. I got up, thinking it was perhaps dinner. Or lunch. Or something I've mostly digested from earlier in the day. The point was that my body was not sure either, and chose to deal with the uncertainty by getting rid of all possible suspects. In my current whacked-out-immune-system state, who knows, but I'll be interested in any reports of food poisoning on campus.

Eventually I felt better, dozed a little on the couch to make sure, and finally went to bed. The moment I lay back down, my throat started feeling tickly and my stomach knotted up. Back to the couch it was. Toeffe joined me, because he's just that kind of cat. After he fell asleep, I could hear Moly playing loudly (for her) in the next room. What this means is I heard the occasional small feline scramble, or the slap of a paw hitting Stripy Ball, and a surprising amount of breathless/whispery meowing. You know how some cats play with a favorite toy, and carry it around in their mouths yowling around it? Moly tries to do that, but she can't really make much noise. It wasn't disturbing because of its volume (though, for Moly, it was quite the racket), but I was worried that she'd hurt herself with all the meow! meowMEOW! meow!!! meow!! going on in there. But then I'd hear the unmistakable sound of another bout with Stripy Ball, so I didn't bother getting up.

I finally fell asleep sometime around 3am, with no real plans to go to work in the morning. Maybe a half-day in the afternoon, if I get more sleep and feel up to it, but no way am I peeling myself out of, uh, couch, and tottering into work on five hours' sleep as I try to recover from the flu (shorthand -- probably not actual influenza, since I was vaccinated). As I doze off, I ponder how very much my week does suck, and how I am still not really unhappy even though I am physically uncomfortable. And I sleep for an hour, dreaming something about mad scientists and iPods and Billy Idol videos.

And then at 4:06, I am awakened by an earthquake. I am not kidding. The universe DOES NOT WANT ME TO SLEEP.

As you can see at that link, it wasn't all that impressive an earthquake, but it is the strongest I've ever felt. There were two very distinct waves of loud window-rattling and couch-shaking, intense enough that my first sleepy impression was of two large boulders hitting the building. Car alarms went off, though fewer than I'd have expected. I just had time to realize boulders were not actually falling from the sky, correctly interpret the experience as an earthquake, and wonder if worse was coming and if possibly I should do something like get off the couch, when it was over.

Never a dull moment around here...

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