el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Sometimes I impulsively download songs from iTunes, songs I used to like in high school or whatever. That is my explanation for what I was doing downloading Heart's "Nothing at All." (Johnny Colla (of Huey Lewis and the News semi-fame) did backing vocals on two tracks of Heart's self-titled album, "Nothing at All" being one of them.)

Imagine my surprise, then, when I downloaded the song and discovered it was a completely different vocal take from the one on my scratchy old LP. The main vocal is pretty similar to the original, with just a few changes of phrasing/inflection. Whatever. But the backing vocal is done by... uh, the other Heart chick, I guess. I don't know who is who. But it's sure as hell not Johnny Colla. It's also a very harsh, almost angry-sounding backing vocal, which is completely inappropriate for the song.

I could not figure out why this alternate version of the song was being sold as part of the self-titled album. I searched iTunes for more versions, and found that it also appears on a greatest hits album, but again in the weird new version. I checked on amazon.com and downloaded the song sample they had from the CD... and, again, it was the new version. WTF?? By this point I was almost willing to believe I'd imagined the 'original' version, but I still have my LP. Yep, Johnny Colla on backing vocals. Did they substitute a new take when they released it on CD? Legal issues with having Johnny on there? What? I Googled around a little, but not even the most diehard Heart fan (if there is such a critter) has commented on this anomaly anywhere. I have reached a new pinnacle of nitpickery, it seems.

It's not like this was the best song in the world, but I really want it on my iPod, dammit. I could rip from the LP, but it's in pretty bad shape and will probably sound awful. Grr. iTunes, I want my 99 cents back.
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