el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Yesterday, I swept and straightened both patios (did I ever mention that having two patios is stupid? I can't wait to live somewhere with only one patio), washed the kitchen floor, cleaned off my desk, sorted the mail and coupons and stuff in the kitchen, cleaned out my closet, and washed and reorganized all 160 ducks in the duckcase.

At work today, I deprocessed the entire summer's reserves (108 courses, 505 items) in four hours. That means running my statistical reports, deleting all 108 courses manually, removing the reserve bookmark and pulling the little strip of orange tape off of all 505 books, collecting all the professor-owned copies and wrapping them in brown paper and addressing them for the campus mail, and pulling all the library-owned books and sensitizing their security tags and putting them on carts to be re-shelved. Then I cleaned off my desk and put my haphazard pile of fall reserve requests in order. I'll be clear to start processing the fall requests on Tuesday, which is probably our fastest turnaround ever. I also had two desk hours (though to be fair, it was slow, and I pulled all the tape and filed all the requests while technically working the desk). I also got the bloodiest, most painful paper cut ever on the tip of my ring finger. Bookmarks are dangerous critters. I also found my little calendar planner; now if only I can remember all the appointments I should have written in it over this past week...

Accomplishing all this makes me very happy.
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