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Back from the doctor. He is my new doctor, who I've only met once before, and apparently his insane punctuality on the first visit was not a fluke. Today, I arrived around 3:35, knowing that his walk-in availability was from 4-4:30. I signed in and asked where the bathroom was. On my way back from the bathroom, I ran into the doctor's assistant looking for me, even though it was only 3:40. He put me in an examining room, took my temperature and blood pressure, said the doctor would be in in a minute... and the doctor was in in about ten seconds, before I could even get out my water bottle and take a drink. I was out by 3:50.

The doctor didn't think my ear looked infected, but I did have a big gross gob of earwax. He had the nurse squirt it out with water. I know I said I wouldn't let anybody squirt water in my ears anymore, but I did. My ear still feels the slightest bit stuffy, but that could be an after-effect of the water squirting. (Last time someone did this, it started up a ringing in my ear that I swear has never gone away completely. But I wanted the wax gone, and I guess you have to go to an ENT if you want someone to use a curette to get the wax out, and I haven't got time to do that before my trip.) Anyway, the water squirting was somewhat painful, even though the nurse swore she was trying to do it gently and even showed me that the syringe isn't capable of exerting much force. I had to ask her to stop twice, because it HURT. Because of that, the doctor prescribed some steroid/antibiotic drops after all, because maybe I do have an infection developing. It didn't hurt to tug on my ear, a classic sign of ear infection, but I was having pain deeper inside the canal. Better safe, I guess.

The stitch in my gums is annoying me and suddenly my tongue is very curious about it and I have to keep remembering to leave it the hell alone. Last night, I poked it badly with my tongue, because I forgot I'd had the tooth pulled and was checking to make sure I didn't have food stuck in my no-longer-existing wisdom tooth. That hurt a bit, but other than that, my pain level for the past two days has been zero. Eating lunch was a little challenging -- I gave in to my desire for a sandwich from Subway, because I was in a huge hurry and needed to get back to work the circulation desk and it was the closest/fastest thing available -- but no harm done. Also, the funky metallic taste is gone. I feel a little weird about doing the syringe squirty thing for the first time tonight, but I'm sure I'll get used to it (I'm supposed to do it after every meal, if possible, for a month, so I'd better get used to it). [ETA: the squirty thing is not weird at all. I can't even really feel it. The gap where the first stitch came out seems wider, though, and it seems like there's something dark in there. But I don't think it's food. I just needed something else to fret about, I suppose. I'm sure that's what it's supposed to look like.]

Eventually, my journal will revert to being something other than a health update. Provided I don't get the cold that's going around the library, of course.

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