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I've finished processing my first round of pictures from Wisconsin. (It's the first of... let's just say, a hell of a lot, ok?) A few hours after I arrived on Thursday night, we went to the Wehr Nature Center for their Halloween Haunt. They line their woodland trail with carved pumpkins and then lead groups on half-hour walks at night. It's sort of a kiddie activity -- there are characters in nature costumes along the way -- but I love to go just to see the pumpkins.

In addition to the pumpkins, there were little luminaria around the nature center. It wasn't until we visited during the day a few days later that we discovered they were just juice bottles with the tops cut off! They looked very nice lit up at night. I especially liked this one, nestled among the dry leaves.

At the beginning of the trail, there's a creepy guy who says we may not pass unless we tell him the secret word. (That's the pumpkin-lined trail rising up behind him.) I can never remember the password -- I think it's "Halloween" or something.

Random skeleton along the trail.

Here I got down on the ground and took a longer exposure of the trail ahead.

I realize this picture is noisy and horrible and poorly-focused, but it's kind of atmospheric.

A better-focused photo of pumpkins ahead on the trail.

Looking behind us on the trail.

I think this was my favorite pumpkin, because of the carved mini-pumpkin!

At the end of the trail, there's a witch's lair.

Back outside the nature center.

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