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It's going to be a tedious three months if I don't stop worrying that any sudden movement will dislodge my springs (oh, sorry, my 'soft micro-inserts' which are designed to provoke my fallopian tubes into filling in with scar tissue). As far as I can tell from the clinical trial data, in the rare cases when inserts got expelled, it was due to their not having been placed properly to begin with. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the process, but apparently there's little risk of that. I should really just forget about 'em and get on with life. 97% of women who get both of their inserts placed can ultimately rely on them. I'm already over the largest hurdle -- getting them in there to begin with. Dr. Tarakjian has never had a failure. He's good at this. I worry too much.

I got a little card signed by the nurses and OR staff from the hospital today. They were pretty nice, I have to admit. Since it's the girly hospital, though, I'm unlikely to be back. Unless I get my HSG there. I don't know much about that yet.

The scab on the back of my left hand (for the IV) has fallen off, but the entire back of my hand is still one big yellow bruise. For a few days after the procedure, I kept finding tape marks on various unexpected parts of my body, and yesterday I was thinking my hand looked funny. Rub *ow* rub *ow -- oh, the entire thing is a bruise! Duh. That was one one big-assed needle. The nurse actually injected a little lump of lidocaine under my skin before inserting the big kahuna. (Which, surprisingly, totally worked, because I didn't feel a thing afterward.) They made no effort at finding/using my inside-of-elbow veins, which seemed a little weird to me. Are the back-of-hand ones easier when you're dehydrated?

Also, I've been reading some other people's Essure experiences online, and I have to say I'm glad I had my muscle relaxant injected into my IV shortly before the procedure rather than as a suppository.

The US and non-US Essure directions are interestingly different.
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