el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Ugh again. I was fully prepared to feel much better today, since I improved as the day went on yesterday. However, my throat is still extremely scratchy and uncomfortable, and my neck aches, and my head aches, blah blah. The neckache is probably from sleeping sitting up, which I usually do when I have a sore throat or very stuffy nose. I had some really horrible dreams that left me feeling depressed and insecure when I woke. Between illness and absence Ken and I haven't done much snuggling for a few days, and I could use a serious snuggle. I feel too disgusting to even try it, though. On top of all that I ate far too much crap food yesterday. I want to start taking better care of myself, being healthier... and I'm too sick to at the moment. I really don't want to spend another day at home playing Nethack. I'm sick of Nethack. I'm sick of koolaid.

So I called in sick and turned the alarm off to let Ken sleep and the gdmn newspaper people called at 9:00. No, we don't want the newspaper. Actually, I wouldn't mind getting it, but when would I read it? If I got it at work, I could read it over lunch, I suppose, but home delivery wouldn't be any use. Besides, I don't like people who call before 10 in the morning.

Ken got up around 9:30 (guess the phone didn't bother him) and started destroying cities again. He's destroyed the East and West Coasts and most notable cities between. He's even destroyed San Diego. He's down to dives like Lubbock, TX. I think he may be playing a bit too much Rampage, actually, but who am I to complain after all this Nethack? I've already died twice this morning.
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