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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bicycles:
    In Madison, I used to ride my bike. In San Diego, I am too afraid of death. I expect I haven't forgotten how, though, because one doesn't, right?
  2. chameleons:
    This refers to the band (England, 1980-1986ish) more so than the reptile, though the reptile is pretty cool too. I like British music. It seems like it's easier for small or independent bands to be heard there, and as a result their music is typically more interesting than that originating in America. There are, of course, exceptions.
  3. ears:
    I like ears. They come in such interesting shapes, and people tend to decorate them, which is a strange thing when you really think about it. I have my tragi pierced, but no earlobe piercings at the moment. Maybe when I'm done with all my dental work I'll be able to stand the thought of voluntarily inflicting pain on my head.
  4. fireflies:
    This refers to the insect, not the short-lived television series, though the latter was pretty good too. I'm fond of anything that lights up at night, and bioluminescence is fascinating.
  5. geocaching:
    Finding tupperware boxes hidden in the woods. We pretty much stopped geocaching after we hit 500 caches found last July, but we should probably start again before our muscles atrophy completely.
  6. johnny colla:
    He's the sax player from Huey Lewis and the News. That band was the focus of my first rabid surge of music fandom at the ripe old age of 13, and I still enjoy their music, even if there is absolutely nothing going on below the surface.
  7. molybdenum:
    Har, har, this meme informs me that molybdenum is interest #42 on my list. It also happens to be the 42nd element on the periodic table. This is where my cat Moly's name comes from; I was desperate and bad at naming things and I had a bottle of vitamins handy. I am not kidding.
  8. photography:
    I think this one is self-explanatory. I'm no artist, but I've taken a few decent shots here and there.
  9. rodents:
    I am very rarely without a rodent or two. I no longer keep rats (damned asthma), nor gerbils (damned California), but I've got two Syrian hamsters (in separate cages, yes). I sometimes get bitter about the rat thing, but I really do like hamsters a lot.
  10. synesthesia:
    Whenever I talk about this, I sound way too precious, or like I'm making things up. I have 'colored numbers and letters' synesthesia, where every letter/number has an unshakeable association with a particular color. I do not claim that I hallucinate rainbows whenever I read text; I just think, in a way that is very hard to justify to non-synesthetes, that the letter "q" is inherently pale green.

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