el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Well, what would YOU do?

(edited [again] to add: damn, I didn't realize the trapdoor in the first room just randomly teleported you elsewhere in the dungeon. Now that I've mapped it out and killed everything in sight, this is what I've ended up with.)

I escaped from the Dungeon of Platypus!

I killed Sebab the cockatrice, Baldanders the goblin, Bertrande the orc, Trista the dragon, Miabella the cockatrice, Davmoo the giant spider, 2amcoffee the dragon, Evilegg the leprechaun, Rivka the fire elemental, Badcat the fire elemental, Arielblue the kobold, Flyingcamel the troll, Onlymehere the minotaur, Gothgems the fire elemental, Medusasowl the owlbear, Whysoblue the troll, Lunza the kobold, Mortonfox the fire elemental, Victory Rose the floating eye, Pameladean the orc, Jemale the minotaur and Kateorman the giant spider.

I looted a Figurine of Djtseliot13, the Shield of Floatyfish, the Sceptre of Dolphingirl, the Amulet of Saveyoursanity, the Amulet of Johnny Colla, the Sceptre of October, the Sword of Piercing, a Figurine of Ellinator, the Crown of Jblum, the Armour of Folk Music, the Axe of Esprix, the Armour of Allanorn, the Sword of Synesthesia, the Shield of Cubicalgirl, the Dagger of Glitterophelia, the Wand of Fluxx, the Shield of Onsafari, the Dagger of Hamsters, the Sceptre of Vinyl and 680 gold pieces.

Score: 980

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