el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Yes, I did it. Here's the new weevilarium:

The weevil appears... happy, if we may posit that weevils have emotions. At least, it's munching its way through the ficus leaves at a good clip.

"You and your strays," a friend of mine used to remark. She was not strictly referring to animals, but she wouldn't have been surprised to hear I adopted a weevil.

Insect life aside, here's my new baby: a Fuji F30. It seems to have all but eliminated the few flaws of the F10, which is my current camera. It has aperture and shutter priority modes. It's supposed to have even less image noise than the F10, and images are a little sharper straight out of the camera (that never bothered me in the F10 -- unsharp mask is my friend -- but it'll make it more user-friendly for newcomers). You still have to be willing to apply a few settings yourself for best results, but the F10 has me well trained in that regard. (And that sort of control is exactly what I was looking for when I outgrew my Canon S400 anyway -- lovely little camera, taught me to use a few simple controls and whet my appetite for more of them).

How do I like it? I don't know yet. I've charged up the battery, but I'm reluctant to take it out for a spin because the LCD is unprotected. The F10 had a nice thick bit of plexiglas over the LCD. I sent an inquiry to 'da Protectors about getting one; it's not a size they have listed, but we'll see what they can do. I'll probably be chucking it in my purse without a thought in a few weeks, but it's so new and shiny right now...
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