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I traditionally take off a week in July (the slowest time of the year at work) and spend it cleaning the apartment. This year, I'm a little short on vacation time, but I've got today and tomorrow off, so I'm making it a mini vacation.

Today I had a dental cleaning, which was my excuse for the vacation day; just as well that I had the day free, too, because they kept switching the time on me. 5:30! 4:30! 2:30! Other than that, the appointment went well. I've got no pockets deeper than 3mm, and no bleeding even when they poke my gums with a sharp object, so my current level of brushing and flossing appears to do the job. (I've cultivated a minor flossing obsession, and hate the feeling of anything stuck in my teeth. Glide Comfort Plus, folks. It's worth the extra buck or two.) After five years and probably something approaching $15k of dental work -- I'm talking out of pocket here -- all I ever wanted was to go to a routine cleaning and hear, "Everything looks good, see you in six months." Aside from a little minor cleanup work, I'm there.

It's hot out. I've been watering my lotus twice a day for weeks now; it can't go 24 hours on a single watering. It's a huge plant, and lotuses are thirsty to begin with. Add in warm temperatures and a little breeze, and it's a miracle I'm keeping this thing alive. Last week, I moved all of our landlord's plants to the back patio -- we don't spend much time there, and I wanted the spider-mite infested jade plant and ugly spindly ficus out of my sight. (The spider mites are a lost cause; the bushes out front have plenty where those came from. I blast them off once in a while with the hose, but there's a seemingly-infinite supply.) Ken put up some more hanging-plant hooks for me, so now I have three lotuses (the other two are smaller and less demanding) and a calibrachoa plant hanging. It just occurred to me that I originally wanted to use one of those hooks for my wooden windchimes. Oh well. Sooner or later the huge lotus is going to get away from me, thereby freeing up a hook.

Aside from that, I have a few garden decorations out, and they make me absurdly happy. I've got to find somewhere to put the big glow-in-the-dark garden stake I got in Big Bear. I really like having a garden.

This afternoon, I cleaned out the garage a bit. I've been wanting to do that for ages. Ever since all our boxes were dumped in a heap in the garage on the day we moved here, the place has been a mess. Some boxes were empty, some had random stuff still in them, and nothing was organized. The garage was stiflingly hot, but I managed to do a couple hours' worth of straightening, and it looks much better. I've at least grouped the empty boxes in one area and the ones containing stuff that needs to come inside the house in another. Tomorrow I'll have a look at the closets, and after that perhaps it'll feel like we've really moved in. Please, please let us renew our lease for another year, because I'd like to feel this way for more than three months.

Still testing the F30, driving myself nuts with pixel-peeping comparisons to the F10. The F30 is pretty sexy; it focuses like a speed demon, has manual controls, is capable of toning down the flash when the scene only needs to be brightened up a little, has a better flash recycle time (probably as a direct result of being able to throttle itself down)... but it occasionally muffs a shot and I'm just not sure it's enough better than the F10 to justify the money. If I hang on to the F10, next year there will probably be an even better F40, right? If the F10 would just allow me to set the shutter speed in the 1-3 second range, we wouldn't even be having this debate; I'd stick with it until they pried it from my cold dead fingers (or a really spectacular F40-type camera came out). I have to decide quickly; there's a rebate on the F30 that's due by July 31st.

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