el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

You know what this is? It is season porn. It is explicitly (heh) designed to get those of us stuck in one of those generically beautiful, blandly seasonless places like San Diego all flustered about visiting somewhere north of forty degrees. Thank goodness I already have tickets to Wisconsin for the weekend of October 20th.

I'm not really denying that San Diego has seasons -- you can find them if you hunt around enough (they're often located a few miles inland). And it's certainly not that I don't appreciate being comfortable almost all year round. Or all that swimming! But a little discomfort, a little change, a little give and take... damn, it makes life interesting. Oh, I love December in this city -- I've taken to green Christmases with a vengeance. But fall is coming, and it's tingling my spine from two months and two thousand miles away.

Edited to add: interestingly, readers_list also featured actual season porn today. That one doesn't work for me, though -- badly copyedited and a little bit overdone, you know? readers_list often showcases wonderful writing, but it also occasionally mistakes pretension for talent. I may risk... purpleness, when waxing rhapsodic on the subject, but I do try to restrain myself and my heaving bosoms.

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