el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I'm still taking requests for photographic subjects.

Tonight, as I was waiting for the bus home, I remembered that dahliablue had suggested I take pictures of my favorite shoes. I do not own any interesting shoes, alas; I'm phenomenally hard to fit and I take what I can get. Sadly, New Balance redesigned my favorite model of shoe last year, so my latest pair don't feel as comfortable. As a result, I still wear my old ones -- worn, battered, on the filthy side -- a couple of days a week.

Guess what I was wearing tonight?

Well, it was a long wait for the bus, and I had my camera...

Sittin' on a bench. With my iPod. And Ameribag. Playing: Suede's cover of "Brass in Pocket," which totally works better with a male singer. You know what else is kind of awesome? The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" with a female singer. Which I thought I heard once, at a festival, by a cover band, but it turned out to be a guy with a sort of high voice. Damn.

Lookin' down the street, waiting for a bus that never comes...

Nope, still no bus. Hey, if I sprawled on the grass and put my feet on the bench, I bet I could take a picture of my toes with the moon!

Yeah. Long wait.

I've got some cute shoes in my icon, does that count?
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