el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Christmas in October

..or, How to Look Really Organized When You Really Aren't.

If you'd like a Christmas/Solstice/Winter Holiday o' Joy card from me*, please comment on this post with your address. All comments are screened.

See, I was at BookStar getting the new Bujold book, and I found a box of cards I liked a lot. I am not, however, sure it'll be enough. If I get a number of responses now, I'll know to pick up another box while they still have them.

*No obligation required. You don't need to send me a card to get one. I'm a big ol' atheist and my cards are secular in nature, but I don't mind getting holiday-specific cards, if you enjoy sending them. I will even post them in my cube, wherever that might be come December.

If I ought to know your address, please comment reminding me of it anyway, because despite the whole compiling-a-list-in-October thing, I am really not all that organized.
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