el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

the pumpkin post

This year's pumpkin:

The pattern was adapted from the BBC's TARDIS t-shirt design. I initially decided not to try for the windowpanes, but later regretted it and inserted toothpicks to compensate. At that point, I didn't remember that the windows are supposed to have six panes, not four. Oh. Well. Also, if I'd known that blotch would show up so brilliantly when backlit, I'd have picked a different pumpkin.

It was carved using the old pumpkin-peeling technique, which requires (a) an exacto knife, (b) some screwdrivers for smoothing out/peeling more deeply once you've got the rind off, (c) a lot of patience and (d) a reasonable vocabulary of swearwords for when the knife inevitably slips and takes off something you meant to leave on. Like your finger.

But I like the end result pretty well anyway.

While I have no illusions about it being spectacular or anything, I will say: if you make an icon out of this for your own use, I will hunt you down and flay you with an exacto knife and a screwdriver. You want a TARDIS pumpkin icon, you get your own tools and spend your own three hours carving the damned thing.

The TARDIS enters a camera-shake vortex! It's even in the drinking game!

Ken did R2D2 as a peeling-only daylight pumpkin. I looked at the design and said, "You are insane." Next year, we're carving normal pumpkins and not peeling anything. I think the egg crate legs were inspired, though.

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