el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

As previously mentioned, we went camping for Thanksgiving.

The first night, we arrived and set up the tent and had dinner in Julian. By the time we got back to camp, it was cold and dark, and we sat around the fire for the rest of the evening. Ken was a Boy Scout, which means he's very good at lighting things on fire and can tie some knots. In Brownies, all we did was make valentines. With doilies. And sell cookies. I didn't make it to Girl Scouts.

When I was first looking at digital cameras, I wanted one that could take long exposures so I could try doing a little astrophotography. I know I'm not up to anything demanding, but look! Pleiades! All tiny and perfect as anything, right there on my jpeg. Taken by my camera. I went out and collected those photons my very own self.

A bit closer up, and correspondingly less charming, but there they are again.

Ken made me get up hideously early to look at this. Damn him! I went back to sleep, and woke up to find an acorn in my shoe.

Later, we went on a hike. This is an area that was burned by the Cedar fire three years ago. There are dead and charred trees still standing all over the place. The undergrowth has recovered, and some trees are alive, but there are also big patches that look like this. The description of this trail called it an "enchanted forest." The description was written a while ago, I surmise. But still -- these ghostly, silvery dead things are otherwordly in their way.

We saw wild turkeys. On Thanksgiving. We did not eat them, opting instead for hot dogs. That evening Ken jump-started the van of the people a few campsites down, the ones with the noisy kids and the bright light. They went to Julian and brought us back a pie and now I feel very mean.

And who can resist Orion? Yeah, Photoshop was involved, but only in a bringing-out-the-dim-bits way, not a making-shit-up way. No, it didn't look this brilliant overhead; a 15-second exposure catches more light than the human eye can collect unaided. No prizes for guessing which one is Betelgeuse. Also, the Photoshop technique that was supposed to get rid of the chromatic aberration is apparently crap, or I'm no good at applying it. Click on the image for the great big honking version if you are so inclined.
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