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More calendar foo... but no poll, just free-form commentary invited.

Okay, these are all my prospective pictures. As you can see, I made it to O in the alphabet. I only have M spaces.

This puppy's stayin'.

As is this one.

And this one...

And probably this one, though I'm not knocked dead by it. I just like including the gazania.

Apparently this one gets the audience choice award, so I shall bow to your wisdom and keep it.

All that kvetching, I'd better be keeping this one.

This is my sentimental favorite for December. I'd really like to keep it.

Seemed to be the favorite of the sunsets, so it stays.

This one was a bit of a whim, but I'm rather liking it.

A decent idea that I'm now a bit less enthusiastic about. The toy pianos are indeed a library fixture, and I think the photo looks nice enough, but when I know something's got to go, I consider this one. On the other hand, it offers needed variety from the endless photos of the exterior.

Tough call. In the abstract, I like it, but it would certainly need a caption for anyone to be aware that these are the carillon 'bells.' Yes, it's pretty, but either I'm just deathly sick of the damn thing, or it's just not working when it comes to holding down a month. Plus, it was just too damn dark as I originally processed it, and brightening it up lost the subtleties of the color. I sort of want to kill this one.

Non-negotiable, to be used for March, the birth month of Dr. Seuss.

Ah, hell. I know you all hate this one, but I so desperately want to sneak the carillon into the calendar, and for sheer intelligibility I prefer this one to the more abstract shot of the actual instrument. I like how it looks dusty and old and it says "Carillon" on it. Several times. But it is another damned keyboard, and how many keyboards can one library-themed calendar tolerate?

Bland, but pretty. I think it's staying.

Seriously? I'm leaning toward ditching this, using one of the other pretty exterior shots as a cover, and dumping one of the two carillon shots. I'd be down to twelve months and a cover, then. And, despite everything, I would rather keep M than K.

Feel free to persuade me of my folly while I spend the next 24 hours deciding what picture will map to what month.
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