el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Interesting but easily-overlooked fact: if you put the sheets in the washer, you have to put them in the dryer before you can sleep on them.

That means I'm going to be up for another hour, when I'd sort of planned on going to sleep, um, now. Ken's working from home tomorrow, so I have to get up extra early to catch the bus.

What shall I do with my extra hour? I could shower and shave my legs and try to style the new haircut I got this morning. It's a little on the short side, but I think that's okay; my hair tends to get messy again within a few weeks of a cut, so maybe this means it'll be manageable for longer.

Or -- I know -- I could ramble a bit here!

Just finished watching the latest episode of Torchwood. I'd had some silly idea about it being part of the build-up to the finale, but it was just a one-off. A reasonably good one -- John Barrowman's extremely variable acting was tolerable for once -- but... still a little frustrating somehow. Did it run under by a minute, necessitating that cloying montage at the end, or did they just think we needed the point smashed home with a larger anvil? Or that we'd fallen asleep during the previous 45 minutes and needed a recap? I've seen better fanvids. Lots of better fanvids.

And yet I persist. The Tosh episode nearly made me give up on the series, but it hasn't been that bad since. I didn't mind Eugene, exactly, though it seemed a bit pointless; my quota for that sort of stuff was filledexceeded last week, when it was on SciFi and they called it "Love and Monsters." In its favor, I will say that Doctor Who/Torchwood nerds are not nearly as bad as Joss Whedon's nerds. I like Whedon, mostly, but his nerds make me violent. Elton and Eugene were still stereotypically nerdy, but at least they were written with some insight and sympathy.

Also -- and I have no idea where this came from -- I'm liking the Welsh accents. I find them easier to understand than many other British accents, and they're kind of pretty. Maybe everyone's just talking more slowly because the show's running under time, which is my new pet theory for why many of the things we see on screen are happening. Why does Torchwood get an extra five minutes over Doctor Who, anyway? Do you know what Doctor Who could do with five more minutes? ('No, but I bet you've got some suggestions.') (I know, I know; it would be harder to sell to the rest of the world because we're all hypercommercialized with our 42-minute shows. We suck.)

Okay, I'm taking that shower after all.
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