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I think the "I'm sick" exemption to the "I'm trying not to aimlessly waste time on the web" rule is pretty damn close to expiring, even though I still feel slightly unwell. This cold really does last forever, doesn't it? Most of the people I know who had it at work got sick, got better, came back to work, and then replapsed and went home again. I haven't gotten any worse, but it feels like I haven't gotten any better in a week either. I've got a dental cleaning scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, but I'm thinking of postponing it. Dental work is not fun if your nose is stuffy, or if you have to cough in the middle of it.

Ken has jury duty Tuesday. He gets called in about every other year. San Diego is crazy; according to a recent news article, they send out 25,000 jury duty summonses per week, and get a response rate of... 10%. While they could take legal action against those who don't show up, they do not; they just let it slide. Which is the only explanation I can think of for how they got in a situation where only one person in ten who gets a summons actually shows up. I thought it seemed a little odd that everyone I know gets summoned with such regularity. Well, if these numbers are correct, they're sending out one summons for roughly every 1.6 adults in the county, every year.

That's why I wasn't too surprised to get a summons in Saturday's mail myself. Having actually been on a jury in November 2005, I don't have to go -- being on a jury gets you a three-year exemption. Part of me thinks it sounds like a nice change of pace anyway, but I shall restrain myself.

In today's News of the Cranky:

1) Koo Koo Roo has pulled out of the San Diego market entirely. Their Mission Valley location is now a freakin' Fuddruckers.
2) No daytime Comet McNaught for me. Maybe my vision just isn't acute enough; when I look at a bright daytime sky for too long, all I see are spangles and floaters. I think the comet may have dimmed a bit, though -- spaceweather.com's taken down their daytime finder chart, and I don't see any reports online that were written today. I can't believe I missed two days of daytime visibility because I'd given up on seeing the comet.
3) Period is A WEEK EARLY. That is unfair on a cosmic scale. It is also the third time it's happened in a year. When I said I thought they'd be irregular for a while, I meant maybe I'd skip a couple, not have extras.
4) I can't remember the fourth thing. That is annoying me.

If there were a "24" drinking game where you had to drink every time someone said "this is our only chance to stop the terrorist/bomb/rabid rats/flood/virus/locusts!" all of the participants would DIE.
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