el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I really don't mean this as a contrast to the, um, other pictures people have been posting today, but...

My wee little pot of pansies has been through such adversity. Broken pot in the Target parking lot, forgot to water it on a hot day and came home to find it completely limp... it's amazing that it's alive, much less blooming.

I came home from the dentist yesterday to this:
Now that we leave Moly and Toeffe together all day, they actually seem to get along a bit better than before. If Moly is settled on the bed, she won't run the moment Toeffe comes near her, and if Toeffe isn't being an asshole they will very nearly cuddle.

I didn't notice that Moly was yawning until I downloaded the picture from my camera. Heh. Sorry about the image noise.

And Penny, not pictured, is deadly to puffy balls. The corpse in the foyer:
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