el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

oceanstorme, you win the What Is Wrong With My Camera? award. I'm pretty sure the battery is going wonky. I lost my settings again today, and it's saying it's down to 1/3 charge even though I've only taken around 200 pictures since I last charged it up (and I don't use flash, so that's really poor). Considering that I've had this camera for nearly two years and taken 3200 pictures with it, I can't really complain, but I'd be highly frustrated if I grabbed it because I really needed to take a photo and it started beeping at me, asking me to set the date before I could do anything else, and using auto ISO. It's a pain to set the date, turn the beep off, turn the shutter noise off, set the ISO to 80, set the EV to -1/3, turn off the AF illuminator, turn on the gridlines, set scene mode to Natural Light, turn off the flash, change the image quality to highest, and then wonder when you're going to have to do it again. (Yes, I had to stop two or three times during that sentence to fix something I'd forgotten to set already. Last time, I forgot the gridlines for a few days and started wondering why I never seemed to be holding the camera straight.)

I really hope a new battery solves all my problems, because the last thing I want to do is to start camera shopping. I know the F10 inside out, and it works like an extension of my brain (except when it takes really shitty pictures, like with those ravens the other day. But hey, it happens to everybody).

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