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I feel like doing a bullety listy thing.

  • One non-Doctor Who entry: we saw Next today. It's a diverting enough way to spend an hour and a half. In the land of a million plot holes, for some reason I latched on to one thing: apparently nobody involved with a particular scene knew the format of a California license plate. A round thing in the second position is the letter O, not a zero.
  • Outpost Gallifrey squee threads: they're supposed to be about screencaps, dammit. They're not supposed to be about running words together like thismemeisstupidSQUEE!.
  • Is it me or did the Doctor just have babies with a Dalek?
  • Which is to say, I clearly need to watch tonight's episode again. I spent most of the middle bit trying to figure out WTF was actually going on, because there was clearly a hidden agenda. Except then there wasn't. So I am left thinking that the Doctor was persuaded, in about thirty seconds flat, to go along with Daleks wanting to make use of a thousand corpses they had been personally responsible for corpsifying to create their new race, solely because they might end up being kinder, gentler Daleks. I'm thinkin' the ends may not justify the means there.
  • I was ready to exterminate Solomon by the end of that speech. If the Daleks hadn't done it, I think an anvil may have fallen from the sky. Today, class, we are contrasting humanity with Dalek...ness! Dalekhood? That sounds a bit perverted.
  • I'm sure it's very wrong of me to find the Daleks-killing-somebody special effect pretty.
  • One "kill me now" moment, preferably without actual chest-beating, would have worked a bit better for me. The Doctor is a lot more dangerous-looking when he's quiet than when he shouts.
  • Sec's human voice SO did not work. He sounded like he had really bad asthma.
  • The sneaky little Dalek conference in the sewers cracked me up.
  • I'm usually okay with bad, glossed-over science, but holy shit was that gobbledygook awful. I mean, I am actually bruised in the logic.
  • I don't like the blue suit after all.
  • I'd actually like to be less neutral about Martha by now, but I'm not. Next week, perhaps? Something's gotta give. It's taking an awfully long damned time, though.
  • I am really not that tough a crowd(member) when it comes to Doctor Who, but as two-parters go, I liked Aliens of London way better than this, farting aliens and all. It's neck and neck with Rise of the Cybermen. But at least it's got Daleks. And David Tennant. The only episode I absolutely, seriously cannot rewatch, I have tried, is The Unquiet Dead.
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