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I loved The Lazarus Experiment, by platypus.

  • Martha wasn't expecting to be taken home, so apparently they haven't discussed the "one trip" thing since "Gridlock." And she's clearly had some sleep. Also, news flash: the Doctor's still a git.
  • I've been okay with most of the outright Rose references this season. The Doctor's trying, in his own weird way, not to repress -- Donna wouldn't let him, after all, and he does follow instructions, like when Sarah Jane informed him that it's polite to say goodbye -- but he's not very good at actually dealing with it, either. And his obliviousness about how he's making Martha feel is pretty much par for the course.
  • But where this season is irritating me a little is in the frequent recycling of moments from the first two seasons. Sometimes they're pointed references, but sometimes it feels like someone's just randomly cobbling together lines of pre-used script. Here, in one of many moments of deja vu, the TARDIS departs and the Doctor leaves a companion, only to return thirty seconds later. RTD, do you have any idea how much fanfic is going to be set in those thirty seconds? Hell, there will probably be audio dramas.
  • The Doctor is wearing a tux with Chuck Taylors. Sudden ratings drop attributed to dead fangirls.
  • I take it that referring to a person as your "plus one" is actually a fairly common phrase used to indicate "guest I have brought along on my invitation to this event," at least in England? And people actually say this rather than guest/date/whatever? It's clearly an echo of S1, regardless, but it bugs me less if it's a plausible one.
  • The Doctor makes pop culture references with sometimes-tiresome frequency, but has no idea what a science geek is. Uh huh. C'mon, write the character, not the jokes.
  • The Doctor and Martha can't think of anything non-lame to say about what they've been doing together, even though they haven't been gone a suspicious length of time? His sudden lack of glibness is amusing, I suppose, but they just wanted to set up a slap. Say he took her to see Shakespeare! It's even true! Of course, they'd have to lie about what play it was, and they can't think that fast.
  • Jackie would SO be able to take Martha's mother in a fight. Did you ever think you'd love Jackie, back when "Rose" was broadcast?
  • The Doctor puts on glasses while wearing a tux and Chuck Taylors. Sudden ratings drop... yeah.
  • Martha does useful things like collecting Mark Gatiss's saliva and agreeing with the nonsensical technobabble of the week, and the Doctor hands over the sonic screwdriver.
  • Quoting Eliot! alsdfjalskfdjl.
  • Reversing the polarity. Fine, fine, I was amused. I am not made of stone.
  • The Doctor removes his tie and undoes a couple of buttons on his shirt. Ratings do not drop because the fangirls are all dead already. Heterosexual fanboys start to wonder where that strange urge to lick his neck came from, though.
  • Creepy person working for the Big Bad insinuates things about the Doctor! Plot arc! I have totally given myself over to the side of the great big spoiler we're all pretending not to discuss, because it looks like it's going to be awesome.
  • Sadly, the previews make everything look kind of awesome, and sometimes it's not, you know?
  • But there's always hope.
  • Gratuitous Mark Gatiss nudity. Twice. Can gratuitious David Tennant nudity be far behind? Is there no justice?
  • ASLFJKAESLFJLAJSEFLKAJEF ASK HER TO COME ALONG YOU GIT. I suppose it works out in the end, but he never has to actually say it, either. Git!
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