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For once, I have drunk the same Koolaid as everyone else! Yes, I loved it. (I'm still digesting HN/FoB, which I'm sure will end up high on the list of favorites, but it's lovely to have the same instant glee as everyone else who's posting tonight.)

  • If the production team has any sense of humor at all, the Doctor's entire video will be included on the S3 DVD set as an easter egg.
  • I love that it's finally canonical that the Doctor got stranded somewhere and his companion had to get a job and support his ADHD ass.
  • I presume that there are already "the angels have the phone box" T-shirts on CafePress. It's been hours since the episode aired.
  • And, once again, the non-linear story potential of time travel is exploited. Hooray! Since this is the third time it's happened this season, I assume there's got to be some hijinks coming up for the finale.
  • The ending montage was gratuitously silly -- "Oops, 30 seconds left to fill! Um... here!" And yet it does not diminish my love.
  • There are very few plot holes that can't be papered over by that envelope that the Doctor was given at the end. If he did anything illogical, it was because he was told that he'd already done it. (No, you can't play that card too often, but here it's the point.) The wallpaper scene would be utter nonsense, except that there's a photo of the wall in the envelope. It works! Really! (Except, er, who chucked the rock? Why would the angels bother?)
  • Of course, there's no reason at all for Sally to go to the spooky house on a Dark and Stormy Night (which, bizarrely, briefly reverts to a sunny afternoon as she enters the front door? I know shooting is hard, but c'mon). Except that it's atmospheric and she fancied herself slightly goth, of course. Sad is the new happy, whatever. I mostly liked her, though.
  • The windows are the wrong size. HA.
  • It's a little hard to place when/how the TARDIS key ended up where it did; if Martha or the Doctor dropped it when they got zapped, why didn't the angels just take control of the TARDIS immediately? Once the TARDIS was removed by the police, the angels couldn't find it until they followed Sally; that's okay. But shouldn't there have been a period of time when the angels had control of both TARDIS and key? And if they're capable of moving it unseen from the police station back to the house(!), couldn't they have just stuck it in the basement to begin with? (Also? "The doors are all locked and we're being chased by scary-ass things! Let's go in the basement!" sounded like a really bad idea at the time, didn't it?)
  • The strobe-light attack was pretty cool. And, I can't help it, creepy. This whole episode is right up there with Toby and the Beast for creepdom.
  • In short: yay. I thought the mostly-Doctorless episode would be a waste of Moffat, but instead he has elevated it to awesomeness. I think we've been on a roll since 42, and if nobody severely drops the ball (Davies can be brilliant or shitty, depending, so it's hard to say, but he's got some amazing stuff to work with if the rumors and previews are to be believed) this may be the best damn half-season ever.
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