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Yes, that song's stuck in my head too.

Spoilery for The Sound of Drums.

  • I had faith that the cliffhanger would be resolved quickly, but I wasn't expecting it to happen quite that quickly.

  • "We've missed the election." What a weird thing to for Martha to throw in before she's actually made the connection. (Also! Please don't make me do timelinewank. If they're back four days after Martha met the Doctor, that was awfully quick for her mom to-- oh, God, I'm just gonna stop now. I'm too sick for this sort of thing.)

  • How freaked does the Doctor look about Lucy? "The Master... and his wife?" How much you want to bet he's thinking, "You mean I could have been shagging my companions this whole time?"

  • Speaking of whom: is Lucy just a nice perverted companion for the Master who gets off on random murder, or is she something more? She was around him in almost every scene, not doing much of anything -- is she going to be important? Or is she just a reflection of the Doctor/companion relationship? No, I don't think she's Romana. There's nods to the old series and then there's being crushed under the weight of history. I think they've gone as far as it's good to go. And it is good to go this far.

  • Because, c'mon, how awesome is the Master? I thought bringing him back was a horrible idea. I was wrong. YAY. I am totally inappropriately delighted about his slaughter of the Cabinet. I wanted that scene to be exactly what it looked like in the promos, and it was!

  • The reporter was very, um, Harriet Jones, wasn't she?

  • I don't want to judge the Toclafane without knowing what they really are, but so far... enh. Those bizarre childish voices. Ugh. I never liked the Gelth, either. Same voice acting?

  • The Master's comments on the Teletubbies were hilarious, though.

  • And the phone call. MY GOD THE PHONE CALL. I did not know they could do phone sex at 7pm on a Saturday. It's pure exposition, a necessary evil, and they make it fantastic. I'm having trouble thinking of many evil masterplans that don't involve the Master knowing the outcome of the Time War before this conversation, but I desperately want everything he said to be the truth. And, wow, do they play off each other well.

  • I can't really blame Martha for her reaction to the situation. Her family's being threatened directly because of her relationship with the Doctor. She's freaked out and the Doctor and Jack are more concerned about the quality of the chips.

  • But I couldn't help finding it amusing when she and Jack bonded over the fact that the Doctor will not sleep with them. Heh.

  • The Magpie Electricals sticker on Martha's TV doesn't really make any sense, seeing as Mr. Magpie himself died in 1953 after running a not particularly successful shop. Nonetheless, I suppose I will award a reluctant point for silly continuity refs.

  • I usually have no trouble with Tennant's accent or enunciation (unlike 99% of the universe?), but I consistently misheard "Martha" when he said "Master." I had to skip back and re-listen when the sentence stopped making sense. I don't expect those two words to have the same vowel, and without an audible 'r' on the end...

  • Whatever made the Doctor think the perception filter would work on the Master? Did it work on him?

  • And if it did work, and if they really needed to get a key around his neck, why not leave Martha or Jack hiding elsewhere on the ship and simply take their spare key along?

  • Would putting a key around the Master's neck really solve everything? It might cancel out the effects of the "love me" subliminal cellphone thing, but wasn't it a bit late for that to do any good?

  • Poor TARDIS. But -- cloister bell! Like the world wasn't having a great big fangasm already.

  • Oh yes, Gallifrey. I'm not actually that keen on seeing it portrayed onscreen, but that was... okay. Also, Gallifreyan children being taken from their families. Muahaha, take that, Lungbarrow. (Sorry. Never cared for it.)

  • The "brother" line from S&J was a season-long tweak in the nose? Heh. Well, did it make the phonesex slightly less squicky? Perhaps. Honestly, they're played like sides of the same coin, enough that I could believe they were related. They're just slightly on different sides of the Really Fucking Crazy line. And they're both a lot scarier when they cut the manic stuff for a minute.

  • Yeah, the "100 years" thing is problematic. How can a show with a reasonable investment in continuity toss off a line like that? They're, uh, cellular years, or he dropped a zero, or... *handwave*. The Doctor clearly doesn't age at a near-human rate, even in a given regeneration, or he'd have a very different life. A hundred years will not turn him into a... potato. Ew. How gross was that old-age makeup? Not every old person looks like that. And what good does it really do? It's not like the Doctor goes around defeating enemies with his spectacular good looks. Assuming he's not also senile, I don't see how disabled he can really be.

  • RTD may not always think through timeline stuff, but he knows the meaning of "decimate"! For the win.

  • I'm not sure why Jack gave Martha the vortex manipulator instead of getting them both out of there.

  • OMG THE DOCTOR LOOKS LIKE A POTATO I CANNOT GO ON. Can that cliffhanger be the one getting resolved quickly next week pls?
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