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And because there are mere hours left in which to speculate...

So, at halftime we have the Doctor turned into a potato, Jack immortal but possessing no useful gadgetry besides his chin, and Martha free with a vortex manipulator. We also have six billion little Death Stars descending upon the Earth, planning to decimate it (literally!) and the Master and Lucy making out while watching it all and playing dreadful earworm music.

What's next?
  • Well, Martha is free with the vortex manipulator. If she can use it, she might be sorely tempted to go back in time to try to change something, might she not? Which fits in with the season's theme of non-linear time hijinks?

  • Jack's immortality must play into it somehow; they've gone to the trouble of establishing it, making it a problem, and having him seek the Doctor with an eye toward getting it fixed. Seems like everyone's a bit distracted for that just now, but I can't imagine it won't come up.

  • I think Utopia and the Futurekind are still significant. Too much time was spent helping send those refugees off in the rocket for us to never find out where they were really going and what happened to them there. But I'm not sure how it could all be involved in a plan of the Master's, if he'd been human and ignorant of his true nature for at least seventeen years (he'd been with Chantho that long, she said) and hadn't even known about the destruction of Gallifrey.

  • Some resolution of the Doctor/Martha thing. They've been stringing us along all season, it has to happen. And yet I don't see how it can. If he rejects her again, what's the point of ever having any more companions? If she rejects him, that's pretty damn depressing, because even if he is a git he is lonely and needs companions. If he doesn't reject her... well, they can't live happily ever after. If they were going to settle into a relationship of friends... that's what I thought was happening at the end of Lazarus and into 42. Then they put that big anvil into Human Nature, and I've really had no damn idea what they've been on about ever since. The isolated crush references have always seemed a little tacked-on to me, a bit of forced and inconsistent characterization. But if they put it there for a reason, they're going to take it somewhere. I hope. I've always wanted their relationship to end on a positive note, a voluntary leaving that isn't about angst. Which means I really don't want it to happen tomorrow. Plus... well, like her or hate her, is anyone not exhausted at the mere idea of breaking in a new companion?

  • What are the Toclafane, besides annoying six-year-olds? This had better be good.

  • Please de-potato the Doctor soon. Really. Half the fun of David Tennant's acting is his face -- the good stuff in Doomsday's almost entirely nonverbal, and with all that prosthetic crap all we've got to go on is the geriatric wheezing. They've even given him creepy eyelids. Even so, don't tell me he's going to be useless or absent for a majority of the episode. He can't be that depressed about losing his mojo.

  • Lucy. Important or not? Please at least address what the hell she's doing there.

  • And all of it makes me nervous. What's going to happen that's so bombastic that they think it beats the last two finales? That nobody's seen a preview? What can you do that's mindblowing if you aren't having a cast change and thus can't actually kill anyone? (Please tell me they can't. Not ready to lose the Tenth Doctor, and even the rumor mill doesn't seem to think he's going this time.)

  • There are a few things that would really distress me. A regeneration (as stated), Martha leaving (because we really, really didn't get put through the agonies of this season just to cut it off here), a TARDIS redesign (I get twitchy whenever something blows up on the console. I love the current set too much. But they spent too much money on it to mess with it, yes?). Anything other than that... I think I can handle. Other than the wholesale restoration of Gallifrey. Which is unlikely. Though they've spent so much time on genetics... one does wonder a bit if the Master tried to Time Lord-ize the Utopians or something. Except last I checked Time Lords weren't little floaty balls, and it doesn't fit with him not knowing they were all destroyed until the Doctor told him about it this week.

  • In short, I know nothing, I die of suspense, and that's a hell of a lot to fit into 45 minutes if they really intend to do so. Please don't fuck it up, RTD. That's what really worries me -- the second half of this season has been the best damn thing ever, and I really hope they can follow through. And this is the last time I get to sit all twitchy with anticipation until CHRISTMAS.
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