el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

state of the tomatoes

March 25th.

April 25th.

May 23rd.

I missed a June picture, but here it is today, July 8th. It's been about shoulder-height (5'-ish) since the end of May. I've staked it to within an inch of its life, some branches have wilted out of existence, and it's still got whiteflies, but there are also eight decently-sized tomatoes that are actually beginning to ripen (and quite a few more that aren't there yet). I don't think it's going to be a bumper crop, but I may actually reach the point where I have several ripe tomatoes and can do adventuresome things like slice them up and put them in salads or sandwiches. In previous years, the best I've done is one ripe tomato at a time, to be admired at length and eventually consumed. Next year I'm definitely getting a cherry tomato plant, though. In addition to another one of these, perhaps.

I did eat my first tomato from this plant, at the end of June. It was delicious! And home-grown! And small and quickly gone. Ah, well.

I've hose-blasted the plant a few times in an attempt to control the whiteflies, and I put out sticky traps today. One trap had more than a dozen flies on it before I even finished hanging the others. I don't know if this will help control them, or just let me know how bad things are.

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