el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Damn. Found a Diaprepes root weevil in the pool. Those of you who were here last year for the saga of Evel the Weevil will be relieved to know that it was not alive. (Last year, after a similar event, I discovered that the weevil was not quite as dead as I'd hoped. I called the ag department, and they said they'd come pick it up, but they never did, and meanwhile I had this weevil, so I, uh, started feeding it. It ultimately lived out a happy but mercifully short little weevil life in our household.) I stuck this one in the weevilarium, which was still in the garage, just in case it, too, is not quite as dead as it looks. And to keep the cats from eating it. I'm sure the ag people will be thrilled. There hasn't been as much publicity this year, but I'm sure they're still taking reports.
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