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trista tagged me for the "seven weird things about me" meme. Am I supposed to come up with seven things trista doesn't know?? I think that's impossible, since she's my oldest Livejournal friend (in terms of duration, not age. The trista is not withered by age, nor does custom stale her infinite variety. Or something like that).
  1. I got my first bee sting when I was 30. Prior to that, I had twice pulled bees out of my hair with my fingers (I didn't know they were bees at the time!) without being stung. I thought bees liked me. Then I got stung, totally without provocation, while out geocaching. It was sort of a relief, because I'd built bee stings up in my head to be this terribly painful unknown thing that I also might be allergic to. I wasn't.
  2. I haven't been petless since I was seven. At various times, I have kept hawkmoth caterpillars, tadpoles, weevils, and a slime mold. (Well, I thought of the slime mold as a pet. I was quite fond of it. Also, wikipedia's "slime mold" entry is funny: "Whether or not most actual slime moulds are delicious, or even edible, is unclear.") More traditionally, I've had a dog, many cats, many hamsters, a few gerbils and guinea pigs, a mouse, a parakeet, rats, goldfish and bettas. I'm getting pretty good with houseplants, and I am predictably sentimental about them.
  3. I rarely read books in a linear fashion. I'll read the end first, page around for interesting scenes, and gradually fill in the blanks. I really do end up with a coherent story in my head this way. I like knowing the ending first so I can watch it develop. I re-read favorite books a lot.
  4. At the same time, I have almost no interest in re-watching movies or TV. I really don't understand the idea of owning a movie. I seem to understand re-watching Doctor Who just fine, but still, I've only seen most episodes twice.
  5. I am not afraid of bugs. I'll take spiders outside rather than let the cats eat them, and I held a (live) gigantic stick insect at the museum once. I had a certain affection for the weevils, and I scoop drowning bugs out of the pool. However, I hold that cockroaches are not bugs. Cockroaches are terrifying.
  6. I have something like 800 rubber duckies. Haven't counted for a while.
  7. I write all my html by hand, having thus far in my life had no real need to do anything too complex to mark up on the fly. I find the code spewed by the LJ rich text editor terrifying.

Then I was tagged for this TV meme by rosa_acicularis, who had no idea I was so boring.
  1. What country do you live in? the U.S.
  2. What new show are you going to watch? I haven't the faintest idea. I suppose we'll get the TV Guide fall preview thing soon, and maybe something will sound good.
  3. Last movie you watched? Recommended? Stardust. We didn't have high expectations and were pleasantly surprised.
  4. Last movie you watched in theatres? Recommended? See above. We go out for the occasional movie, but I mostly don't watch TV or movies at home.
  5. If you could only watch 10 current tv shows, which ten? Only ten? I suspect I'll have a hard time filling the list.
    • Doctor Who (duh)
    • the Daily Show (I don't watch every day, but I often like to catch at least the first segment when Ken's watching)
    • the Office (took me two tries to get into it, but now I like it)
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Seriously, current television shows? As in still being produced? So nobody cares about Farscape or Firefly or Buffy or Twin Peaks or the West Wing or the X-Files or any of that? If they're going to make any more Rough Science or Big Cat Diary, I'll be there, but I'm not sure they are.
    • Er, I guess I'll still watch Blood Ties when it comes back, even though it's a bit crap. I still like Tanya Huff.
    • I can't count the Dresden Files because they CANCELLED IT. I found this out on a fan board, where everyone was bitching about how the show sucked and was utterly unfaithful to the spirit of the books because that one chick wasn't blonde and Harry drove the wrong kind of car and, um, the skull guy was visible? Is this what Doctor Who fans sound like to outsiders? I fear so.
    • It was a decent show, really. I guess I'll read the books now and feel betrayed when Harry doesn't use a hockey stick as a magic wand.
    • I haven't named an actual show for several bullet points now and I still haven't reached ten. This is like purgatory.
    • Um. I guess I'll watch Jericho, even though I was actually sort of relieved when it was cancelled the first time. It did end on a nicely creepy note with the eerily wrong pseudo-American flag.

And since everybody else is doing it:

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

I'm not going to tag anybody. I get perverse satisfaction out of doing things that memes tell me I can't do.
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