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A Picture A Day(ish): hello, world

This is a complete accident. I was taking a few macros of gazania to test the F31, ran across this pine cone, and stuck the camera down next to it. I didn't even try to look at the LCD before taking the picture.

Another bit of playing around. The F31 did a better job on the distant buildings and mountains than the F10 generally did. I think I want the building a bit darker, though. I mucked it up a little in the post-processing. I've got a few verions of this, with more ground, no ground. The no-ground version, with the building darker, might make the calendar if I get desperate. I just like something about all the gaps and angles and reflections.

In balance, I think I'm going to like the F31 very much. I don't know its quirks yet, or what post-processing it typically takes, but it didn't do badly at all in my tests. It's got auto-ISO modes capped at 400, 800 and 1600, which will come in handy -- with the F10, it was either auto all the way to 1600, or shut up and pick your own damn ISO. Which is something I prefer to do anyway, but in snapshotty outdoor situations it could get fiddly, and I think the F31 won't bump unless it can't get 1/60 or better, which is roughly when I'd decide to bump it up myself. It doesn't seem as eager to overexpose as the F10; I automatically set it to -1/3 EV, since it was such a painfully bright day (I miss my sunglasses), and it responded by underexposing most of the shots. The LCD will take a little getting used to; it's got that video-camera-ish look that newer LCDs have. Viewing angle matters more than it used to.

I took three times as many pictures today as the crazy dog people did the whole time they had the camera.

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