el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): punting

It's been a long day, my allergies are driving me insane, I took some Benadryl an hour ago, and I had to watch Sci Fi's butchered version of "Last of the Time Lords" tonight (still can't decide if shorter = better. I mean, that's ten minutes less of hell, but it got even more incoherent). In other words, I'm exhausted, and you're getting one of the three test shots I took today because I didn't think of anything better. (I took a few pictures of Benny, too, but I cannot face the gargantuan task of actually getting them off the camera tonight.)

View from the bus on the way to finally get my tragus ring fixed. HOW EXCITING. At least it looks Californiaish.
Tags: a picture a day(ish)

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