el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): I Am Bad At This On Weekends

Ruby and Toeffe. She doesn't mind him, honest. The hamsters are well used to the cats, and the cages are secure. The hamsters can also take care of themselves; Toeffe got his nose bitten once for excessive curiosity.

Ruby, I'm ashamed to say, isn't genuinely hand tame, or I'd take some pictures outside the cage. I've really never had a hamster I couldn't tame by six months. She's pretty calm, and I can get her wherever I want her to go by sticking the travel cage in -- she'll hop in right away. But she is having nothing of the whole "being picked up" bit. Stella was a bit like that; I couldn't pick her up, but she'd climb into my hand willingly.


Benny of the bald behind. To think I used to call him Señor Fluffybutt.

Benny has no problems being manhandled. Unless you're a vet, of course.
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