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Long ago, in a galaxystate far away, I solicited userpics and interests for the explain-your-userpics-and-interests memes. Here are the results.


Somewhere on the internet, there's a place that sells little 'cat barf' signs (like 'wet floor' signs, but for hairball hazards). That's where I got the universal symbol for horking cat. I use it when I talk about distasteful things, illness, or horking cats, but I tend to use it sparingly since the icon often gets more comments than any entry it's attached to.

This is the logo from a card in the Fluxx 3.0 deck. It increments any numbers printed on rule cards currently in play. It is the most evil (and amusing) card in the deck. Sadly, it was renamed to "inflation" in the 3.1 release, which I don't like half as much. I use it when writing about unnecessarily complicated things.

Pretty blue TARDIS from The Runaway Bride. I made it myself from a shot on the BBC website, which makes it very slightly different from everybody else's icons of the pretty blue TARDIS from The Runaway Bride. I use my Doctor Who icons more or less at random when talking about Doctor Who.

This is from the cover of a book about teaching that we have at the library. Since I am fond of tomatoes, I made an icon out of it.

Teeny tiny computer from a Cubes set. I use it for entries about technology annoyances and petty irritations.

I am amused by walk-signal signs that point in the wrong direction, especially when they point directly at brick walls. I use this icon when walking into walls feels like an appropriate metaphor.

This is an old mousepad of mine that says "Bats are good guys" on it. I like bats. It's just a general icon I use when it strikes me.

  • bats: As I said with the bat icon, I like bats. I tend to like any underappreciated animal; bats, rats, rodents in general. Bats are cute. They can fly, they sleep upside down, they're furry. What's not to like?

  • bioluminescence: Every so often, there's a bloom of bioluminescent critters off the coast, and we go to the beach to watch the waves glow blue. It's an amazing sight -- at the crest of every wave coming in, there's a bright blue flash. If you collect a jar of water and take it home, it'll glow when you shake it. A couple of years ago, I took some pictures from the beach. They don't quite capture the feel of being there (and I didn't have nearly as good a camera as I do now), but you get the idea. I would like to go here.

  • curling: Curling sounds silly but is actually a lot of fun to watch. While I grew up in Wisconsin, supposedly a big curling state, I barely heard of it there -- Ken and I got interested in it when it was featured prominently in the Olympics several years ago. We tried it out ourselves when a local curling club began last year.

  • molybdenum: This is my cat Moly's full name, and the reason she only has one l. I thought it was funny at the time (honestly, I hate pretentious pet names, but I am also terrible at naming animals and it struck me as amusing so I went with it). A vet once told us that she saw a dog named Molly B. Denim, so, er, I guess we're not alone.

  • synesthesia: I have grapheme-color synesthesia, which is tolerably well explained in the linked article. (The colors on the image are totally wrong, though.) Letters in particular have very strong color associations for me, and many sounds have color as well. Occasionally it's helpful as a mnemonic device, but I don't generally talk about it a whole lot; for one thing, it's just the way the world is, not particularly remarkable, and for another... it sounds like a sort of smug artistic affectation, something that I probably would find hard to believe in another person if I didn't have it myself.

  • ficus trees: I originally put this in because it was an interest nobody else shared, and that amused me. For a while, ficus trees were a running joke at home; whenever one of us suggested any sort of indoor plant, it was always a ficus tree. We've also discussed getting a fake ficus, which is of course a facus. I do actually like ficus plants, though. I have a particularly healthy one at work. Now, though, I am not the only ficus lover on LJ. I am the only person with 'calibrachoa' in my interests, though.

  • puffins: Puffins are nice, but this actually came from a comedy sketch about a dating site where a woman's prowess in, um, something, was indicated by a person saying, "She can really make the puffin fly."
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