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Delayed reaction: "Aliens of London"

How about we just ignore the fart jokes? It was worse the first time around, when I wasn't yet confident of the show's ability to do things besides be sophomoric.

  • I was astonished when Rose went home to see her mother. I'd had no idea that the show was going to return to her or Mickey. I'm not at all sure that this level of focus on the companion's family could remain interesting if they did it every time -- the Jones family wasn't developed enough to be much more than irritating, and I have no interest in Donna's folks. But I was pretty impressed to see a real effort at emotional continuity here.

  • Aaaaand we fast forward twelve months, thereby screwing up the show's continuity for the rest of eternity. Not even the production team can seem to keep the "present" year straight afterward.

  • I think a lot of the early Bad Wolf references are kind of clumsy, but I'm always amused by the kid spray-painting the TARDIS.

  • RTD must think "900 years" sounds really awesome, because it's just weird that he fudges that specific bit of classic series continuity, while directly contradicting so little else. It's possible to say that maybe that's how long it's been since he stole the TARDIS, or that he's estimating, or lying, or doesn't pay attention, but why deliberately cause a discrepancy on a fairly irrelevant detail?

  • "Every conversation with you just goes mental." Yeah, pretty much.

  • I still can't believe there's any way the Doctor doesn't know when and how humanity's first openly-acknowledged contact with aliens happens.

  • Dr. Sato! I'm not sure how her history here links up with her job at Torchwood, but I love that it's the same character.

  • "It's just a bit human in there for me." I've often felt the same way about parties.

  • The Doctor actually looks rather exasperated at Rose's worry (again) that he might take off without her, and seems to give her the key to placate her as much as anything. Plus, he's lying to her about where he's going and all. I like that they still aren't quite sure of one another.

  • Oh, God, it's Overdone Slapstick Mickey again, running theatrically into the wall. Again, if we're supposed to care about him, stop playing him like a cartoon character.

  • RTD loves him some pig aliens, doesn't he.

  • I hate pig aliens.

  • It's nice that the Doctor tries to give this one some dignity, but I really cannot think of anything less compelling than more pig men in S3. Unrelated pig men, present for no reason but RTD's pigs-in-suits fetish.

  • But there is something hilarious about the Doctor shushing the sonic screwdriver, so I can't exactly say my sense of humor is highbrow.

  • "Have you been seeing anyone else?" "No." "Okay." "Mainly because everyone thinks I murdered you." Heh. I can understand Rose's ambivalence about letting go of her old life, but she's certainly been giving Mickey some mixed signals.

  • Harriet Jones is awesome. Yeah, the gag about her introducing herself gets old, but she gets stuff done.

  • Sssssssssllllllloooooowwwwwwweeeeeeessssssstttttt cliffhanger ever.
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