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  • I watched Torchwood last night, both episodes, and was sort of disappointed. I stopped once or twice to check my email because I was bored. "Adam" was okay until the group therapy whatthefuckwasthat, but I am once again convinced that explaining anything about anybody's mysterious past -- the Doctor's, Jack's -- is a really bad idea. Also, apparently Jack's real name was "Son." That solves that, then.

  • I am unconvinced that, as of TEC/TDD, "Jack Harkness" wasn't supposed to be Jack's real name. If it were really a recently assumed cover identity, and he generally used another name, even another fake name, why wouldn't he have given that name to the Doctor and Rose? He wasn't playing WWII soldier with them, he was playing Time Agent, and by the end of the episodes he wasn't even playing that.

  • And I so do not get Jack/Gwen. Sure, there was a little tension early on in S1, there was the over-the-top gun porn, but then they settled into a friendship without a lot of bumps. She was the one he confided in. They didn't flirt much. Suddenly this season they turn Rhys into a decent guy, eliminate the big barrier between him and Gwen, and crank out the Jack/Gwen anvils. I was very unmoved by her little group therapy confession. It doesn't make sense, based on what we've seen. I don't feel it. Gwen was close to Jack in a way that the other team members weren't, but not that way.

  • And I'm not just saying that because I like Ianto, though I do, more this season than last (and they've managed to work his snarkiness in more organically as the season has worn on). I don't see any reason why Jack would have to give up Ianto to be with Gwen, and I like Ianto and Gwen's relationship. I am not seeing jealousy there. It'd be nice to see Jack actually be nonmonogamous after all his big talk.

  • But I wouldn't like to see Gwen and Rhys split up. It may be a little ironic, but I like Rhys as the perspective of a regular guy. Gwen's too far gone to be the human soul of the show.

  • But before the season, Eve Myles said there was some "unrequited" thing with her and Jack? I'm not seeing a lack of (authorially-forced-into-existence) requitement. I'm just seeing Gwen-is-engaged-to-somebody-else, let-there-be-angst. The last season of Doctor Who was enough to make anyone choke on the word "unrequited," but I'd be less worried about what they're going to do to Gwen/Rhys if Jack were clearly uninterested.

  • And what's with Tosh/Owen, anyway? We knew she was interested last season, as a sort of ongoing (and, yes, unrequited) thing, but this season it's just sad. She had her soldier boy, and Owen was sympathetic, but then they make him completely oblivious in a way that screams deliberate denial:
    OWEN: I'd sure like to go out with someone who understood my work.
    TOSH: I understand your work.
    OWEN: Too bad no women work here.
    TOSH: *cough* Actually, I...
    OWEN: It would really be nice if I ever got to talk to any women ever.
    TOSH: *rips shirt open*
    OWEN: You're right, the thermostat seems to be set a bit high. I'll take care of that.
  • Does Owen ever wear glasses when not being nerd!Owen?

  • As for "Reset"... enh. Did I use the word "unmoved" earlier? I think it is the word of the day. I just wasn't interested.
    MARTHA: O hai I do ur autopsy.
    OWEN: And you wanted this to be a surprise because...?
    JACK: So there could be some tension, and she'd look like a bit of an ass. Tee hee!

    OWEN: Has anyone noticed that I haven't been much of a jerk lately? It's almost as if the writers can't figure out what to do with me.
    TOSH: Does this mean you'll go out with me?
    OWEN: Oh, what the hell.
    TOSH: You're going to die, aren't you.
    OWEN: *looks shifty*
  • Martha... sort of irritated me. She's always been a difficult character for me to get a grip on, and I couldn't tell what (if anything) was under the I Am Really Competent thing. And I was reminded that neither Freema Agyeman nor John Barrowman has ever really blown me away with the acting. Some of that banter was painful.
    MARTHA: I read my lines.
    JACK: As do I.
    MARTHA: Shall we make little inside jokes to prove we have met before?
    JACK: I would like to indicate that I am sexually interested in you, even though we know neither of us is actually allowed to have sex since we will be back on Doctor Who sometime.
    MARTHA: You totally kissed Ianto onscreen! I've been watching.
    JACK: And then we had lots of innuendo. It was fantastic.
    MARTHA: Oh yeah? I'm engaged to a convenient minor character.
    JACK: I'm growing a TARDIS.
    MARTHA: Did you just change the subject?
    JACK: Baby TARDIS needs screen time!
    MARTHA: Okay. I have a really cool job.
    JACK: By the recommendation of *points up*?
    MARTHA: God? No.
    JACK: You know who I mean.
    MARTHA: Did RTD write this one?
  • We'll see what next week brings. I don't think I want Owen to be dead (but, seriously, why wouldn't Jack draw the guy's fire? What are they going to do if they realize he's immortal, kill him? This is a country where people manage denial quite well, thanks. It'd be explained away somehow). Except Owen's been kind of dull this season -- last season, I hated him, but he was interesting, and he had real character development. This season he seems a little at loose ends. He's nicer, but he's blander, and I'm not really seeing the underpinnings of the growth from last season, just "Owen has toned down the snark." Or possibly donated some to Ianto. Maybe they've been writing him out all along, but I don't think the hub is overpopulated as it is, so I'd miss him. And the presence of somebody who can pretty much act. If the next episode is going to be Owen-centric, I'm betting that he lives.
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