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little cubicles of foliage

I have learned one thing from watching the Outer Limits:

Do not buy a robot.

* * *

Ken is very sniffly and coughy and phlegmy. He says it's allergies, but he sounds an awful lot like he's got a cold. Having a stuffy nose makes him snore, which I can't really complain about because he has recently informed me that I snore too (more than he does, these days, I guess). I also steal the covers. I can't really control my snoring or cover-stealing, but that doesn't make me feel any less guilty for being rude or disruptive or whatever a snoring, cover-stealing person is.

We got our IKEA nightstands yesterday. They're semi-finished wood, like much of the other furniture we own, and they're not fancy but I like them. It's nice to have a proper nightstand with a drawer and a cabinet. Or it will be, once we figure out what to do with the giant monitor box that has been serving as my nightstand up to this point -- until that's out of the way, I can't actually use mine. The box is too big to fit in any closet or storage area, and it would defeat the purpose of having nice nightstands if we just left it sitting in a corner of the room. I vote for breaking the box down and hiding it under the bed or something, but there's the question of all the stuff in the box (mostly computer junk, I think). I usually feel relatively un-weighted-down-by-junk, but this is not one of those times.

After obtaining our boxes of some-assembly-required IKEA goodness, we went to the zoo. We didn't spend half an hour in front of any of the enclosures as we'd semi-planned, but we still lingered longer than the ordinary people wandering by and complaining that there weren't any animals. I was a bit bummed about missing the hummingbird aviary (I'd wanted to head there first, because whenever we don't we run out of time. Guess what happened?) but we did see two wild hummingbirds that made up for it. "Real" hummingbirds are more exciting anyway. I got another squished penny and tried a churro (cinnamon sugar. You could put cinnamon sugar on anything and I would eat it) and saw a lot of monkeys. I'm not particularly into primates, as I told Ken ("But I'm a primate!" "You're an exception."), but they were doing amusing primate-things.

I've discovered that I'm actually most interested in the birds. I like flamingos despite the stench, I love the aviaries, and I don't even need to bring up ducks, do I? Rodents are also good, and we saw some interesting stuff in the deer/antelope area this time. I'm starting to get into the reptile exhibits where there's a little indoor window and you peer around looking for the chameleon/frog/snake/whatever hidden in its little cubicle of foliage, but Ken isn't that crazy about that. I pointed out the two-headed king snake too late for him to see that it had two heads, alas, or he might have found it more exciting. I was remembering a similar exhibit (not of two-headed animals, but with little windows into cubicles of foliage) of poison dart frogs that I'd like to go see again, but I don't think it was in San Diego. This is what happens when you go on too many trips.
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