el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I am wearing my new nightshirt. I love my new nightshirt. I used to have a nightshirt that I kept around for sentimental reasons, because my rats (back when I could have rats) had chewed holes in it. Sadly, as it aged the chewed bits tore and grew larger and became rather indecent. I'm no good at robes, either; my lightweight robe refuses to stay tied and is rather too short, and again, indecency is not actually what I'm going for here. So now I have a nightshirt -- two, actually, one in coral and one in peach -- with no holes at all, and they're light and soft and I just want to cuddle up in them and go to sleep. Which sounds like a fabulous idea. We went out to the desert today and looked at the wildflowers, and I have about a million pictures but I haven't edited any of them yet. Maybe tomorrow. I'll try to fix up a few, at least. The flowers were gorgeous, but even the 80-ish degree heat felt oppressive. That, or we were just tired and sort of low on energy because neither of us slept terribly well last night. We ended up taking a nap in the shade under a tree in a little grassy park in the middle of a roundabout. That, too, was lovely.
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