el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Verrah important things:
  • We haven't seen a single ant since putting out poison bait last Saturday. This seems bizarre; the bait doesn't instantly kill every ant within a hundred feet, it depends on them to find it and carry it home. I thought we'd attract ants with the stuff at first, and have to deal with watching little armies of them swarm over it. If that happened, though, we didn't see it. Maybe they just smelled the Peanut Butter of Doom and said, "The hell with this place, let's go next door"? I know the smell of the bait station in the wastebasket cabinet makes me a little queasy. (Ken finds it amusing that the bait warns that it may contain peanut products.)

  • Yahoo news will often make links out of seemingly random phrases in news articles, and take you to either another article relevant to that phrase, or just a web search for the phrase. Some of the phrases do not seem to be of any great significance to the story at hand -- it's almost like amazon.com's 'statistically improbable phrases' list. But this one?

    You should probably actually avoid searching the web for that phrase. I'm just sayin'.

  • Ken and I watched the first three seasons of the 4400 (from the library) in relatively rapid succession, and now we can't watch the fourth season because they don't have it yet. We've also watched a bunch of movies, and we have tons of Charlie Jade on Tivo (it's not that interesting yet, but people say it gets better) and I got Slings and Arrows from the library last weekend because I hear it is good but I'm having trouble getting motivated to watch MORE TV. (Ken asked why it was good, and I said, "It has Canadians and Shakespeare! What's not to love?" and he said "Canadians and Shakespeare," but I still have hope. Maybe it's like Canadian Shakespearean Sports Night?)

  • I'm also bored with lunch. I wish the students would come back so the cafeterias would open properly. I can't believe I said that.
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