el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

On Saturday, we started watching Slings and Arrows. The first episode didn't really grab me, but we continued into the second and it went by much more quickly. It took me that long to get a handle on what the show was trying to do -- how funny I was supposed to be finding things, how seriously to take it, that sort of thing. (It took me half of New Who's first season to find my balance, so this isn't unusual.)

Sunday, we watched the third and fourth episodes.

Monday night, I actually prodded Ken to watch TV, which has happened maybe three times in the last decade. It was already late, but by the time the fifth episode was over (around midnight) we looked at each other, shrugged at the time and went on to the sixth. And now the season is over, and I need more. I'm thinking of rewatching from the beginning, now that I actually know who all the people are. The library has the second season, which I am going to lobby for getting tomorrow rather than waiting until Saturday, but they do not have the third. We may need to buy the box set.

In short, Canadians + Shakespeare = Awesome.
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