el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I just realized I forgot to put on deodorant today.

We are having a deodorant crisis, actually. Ban has apparently stopped making unscented gel, and the sources I've been using to get it for the past few years have dried up (is there a pun in there? I'm not sure). I can't stand scented deodorant at all, and I much prefer gel to any other form. The only other brand we've found is Mitchum, but Ken's been using it for a couple of days and believe me, I can smell it. (The deodorant, not the Ken.) It's not terribly strong, but it's an unpleasant chemical smell. Ick.

Even if I wanted to consider scents, what does "Sweet Surrender" smell like? "Power"? "Pure Satin"? "Phoenix"?
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