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el diablo robotico

A Picture A Day(ish): extra large edition (October 14)

I'm off to Wisconsin shortly, but I'll post the latest two APADs before I go. I haven't missed a day yet, though I probably won't be posting the ones from the trip until I get back. (I will not, however, be completely without internet, so I may check email/LJ occasionally.)

This is a lighting fixture in the room where the library conference I attended Tuesday was held.

Same thing, different white balance. I sort of like this one better, but the gold version is a bit more accurate and appealing, I think.

Waiting for my ride in the early, early morning, I took a couple of pictures of Orion.

Above the neighbors' house.

Later that night, the cats find something interesting outside (it's Ken).

But then I crouch down to get a better shot, and Penny decides I am offering petting.

Hamster is still fuzzy.

And has little hamster feets.
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