el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

I knew what I'd wish for before I picked the fluffy dandelion. I'm not all that good at successfully blowing away all the seeds, so sometimes I think I should wish for something I don't want too badly, lest I be discouraged by fate. There's always a seed or two left stuck, tangled in the greenery at the bottom of the puff. A second breath usually takes care of them, though, so maybe it doesn't so much mean that I won't get my wishes as that I'll need to work for them.

I'm not really superstitious, but some things like wishing on dandelions are automatic. As is picking up pennies -- no, I don't seriously think it's going to bring me luck, but you can't just leave them lying on the sidewalk. I don't wish on 'shooting stars' or the first star I see at night because I'm too familiar with astronomy to have kept those habits. Besides, the first star in the evening is usually a planet.

But I picked this dandelion that had gone to seed, and held it up for a good look. It reminded me of a molecule, or a ball of volvox, or a geodesic dome. There was something so precise and perfect about the way the tiny stars formed a sphere that I didn't want to break it -- but that's what dandelion puffs are for. So I made my wish, and took a breath, and sent the seeds floating away. Every last one.
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