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Cow Parade photos

Friday, Ken and I went to La Jolla to see the Cow Parade cows. I took a ton of pictures. Needless to say, this is not dialup friendly, but I think there were some cool cows.

Most of the cows we saw had been painted on, rather than modified in more dramatic ways.

Hypno-Cow, as we nicknamed this one, had a 'running of the bulls' motif.

The iCow had speakers and a headphone jack -- I was sorry that I'd left my iPod at home, because I think I could have made it play something.

I liked this one's paint job.

This one was strangely appealing as well, though I don't pretend to understand it. Given that, it may be slightly ironic that it was called 'A Common Language."

This one was called Action Cow. I like Action Cow.


Whoa, trippy.

A little further along, there was this matador cow...

...with a tiny matador in its eye.

RiverCow, by the Historical Society, was the only cow we couldn't get up close to.

Same cow, different side.

This was "EMoo." Between the mohawk and the sparkly paint, it was one of the more fun ones.

You get a bit of the sparkle on the pink patch here.

I liked the horns on this one...

...and the udder.

This one was covered with vintage grocery ads.

TigerCow was pretty awesome, but for some reason they drew a tiger face on its side, too.

We especially liked the nose.

Cow with (ge/jea)ns...

...would like to kiss you.

San Diego skyline cow.

Not that I recognize all the buildings as being specifically San Diegan.

A cow with a window! I stuck my hand in a cow's window once, in college, but that was a different kind of window.

I guess Window Cow had some sort of construction theme, because it also had a lot of screws.

Smile, you're in a cow.

Tribal Cow.

This cow had some sort of zoo theme, but I did not understand most of it. Some objects were deliberately placed on the stand, but I suspect the package of shortbread cups was just litter. It's never going to last till June like that, anyway.


Free meerkats?

Behind the cow, a... map to La Brea Tar Pits.

And there's the tar pit! Shouldn't there be some dire wolf skulls in here or something?

All the way in the basket is a map to the actual tar pits.

News Cow.

News Cow wants to sell you botox.

News Cow's editorial commentary.

And this was our last cow. We found 33 cows in two hours!
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