el diablo robotico (platypus) wrote,
el diablo robotico

Could my luck possibly get any worse?

I missed buying a four-day Comic-Con membership, so I had to buy individual day passes. I bought Thursday/Friday/Saturday (by which time I'd already spent more than a four-day pass would have cost) and dithered about Sunday, figuring that I'd probably be tired of it by then and things are winding down on the last day anyway. The flexibility to go absolutely anytime I wanted would be nice, but buying all four days seemed like overkill.

Sunday eventually sold out, and I didn't feel bad about that.

UNTIL THEY ANNOUNCED THAT THAT'S THE DAY DAVID TENNANT AND RTD ARE DOING A PANEL. If I'd thought there was the slightest chance of Who programming on any day, I'd have bought all four, but this is the year off! Who the hell thought they'd bring David Tennant over to promote a special showing on BBCA?

I give up.
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